Privacy Policy

Below is a description of the collection of visitor information that takes place when you visit this website.

User Information

When you visit, your Web browser transmits certain information to our servers in the form of an HTTP request. Specifically, unless otherwise configured, your browser will broadcast its type (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc), its version, and the version of your device’s operating system (i.e. Windows 10, iOS 11, etc). This information (referred to as “user agent” data) is temporarily stored and processed by our servers to insure optimal compatibility between the content served (images, video, html, etc) and your device. The user agent data often also includes the referring website, if applicable (i.e. the web page on which you clicked a link to this website). This information is not personally identifiable, and is not stored by in a database or any other type of persistent storage. Similarly, we use javascript to make real time requests to your browser for information about your screen resolution, color bit depth, window scroll position, cursor position, and time on page, in order to customize the website’s interface and content according to those parameters. As with user agent data, this information is not logged, nor is it correlated to, or combined with, any other data sets.

Additionally, your IP address is exposed to our servers any time you initiate a connection to this website. stores IP addresses and the date/time of each connection in standard server log files for a period of time not exceeding 60 days. Your IP address can be used to determine the physical location of your Internet Service Provider, which is often the city from which you are accessing the Web. Under normal circumstances, we do not use visitor IP address information for any purpose other than to, if possible, connect you to the nearest server hosting our content. Server logs are retained for the aforementioned time period as a security precaution and for troubleshooting purposes.

In cases of inappropriate or illegal conduct, IP addresses and other technical markers, combined with any other information available, may be used to ban users, or in some cases may be relayed to law enforcement, if a crime against or its users is suspected to have taken place during or in relation to visits to this website. At no time will share server logs or user IP addresses with any third parties other than law enforcement agencies and the internet service provider that owns the address. No effort is made to correlate or combine server logs with any other information.