March 8, 2019

Do You Need To Wash Your Car In Winter More Frequently?

It is understandable that you might not want to go about washing your automobile in freezing temperatures. Most people rush to the office and back home after work not wanting to think about anything except brewing a hot coffee and sliding under their blankets.

Well, as uncomfortable as it may seem, automobiles need better care during winters when compared to the other three seasons. In terrains that experience heavy snowfall, it becomes even more important to increase the frequency to wash your car in the winter.

Why Is It Necessary To Wash Cars More Frequently During Winters?

For multiple reasons, washing your car thoroughly during the winter months isn’t just preferable but next to necessary.

  • In areas that experience heavy snowfall, snow all over the carpeting of the car is inevitable. This snow can slowly seep into the vehicles’ undercarriage if not gotten rid off.
  • The primary cause of your car experiencing more damage during winters is the salt and grime you carry inside your car with your boots and the excess water with your coats.

wash car in winter

There are ways to prevent doing so, but, people don’t really care owing to the harsh temperatures outside and are eager to step into their warm vehicles instantly.

  • The cars’ exteriors face the major brunt of roads laden with winter grime and salt from snow that can lead to both cosmetic and mechanical problems.
  • The freezing temperatures coupled with grime and salt leads to an increase in the rate of rusting.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Washing Your Car In Winter

If you’re ready to sacrifice the warmth of your bedroom and take up washing your car, well, firstly, you deserve an ovation, secondly, keep certain important tips and precautions in mind while you’re washing your when snow.

To begin with, if your area experiences severe snowfall and roads filled with grime and salt, it advised that you drive your car around for a little while making it a little warm. This would prevent the water from freezing on the surface during the car wash.

Wearing warm-clothing and waterproof gloves is also advised, as it would prevent your fingers from winter bites you might get from the freezing winds.

washing your when snow

The use of soap isn’t advised when the temperatures are below the freezing point. In such cases, the pressurized washers are enough to wash the salt off your car.

Most importantly, once you’re done with the entire washing process, you should leave all doors along with the fuel cap open and wipe them try. This would prevent the doors from freezing.

Find The Best Car Wash Facilities Around You

During winters, getting your car thoroughly washed at least twice a month advised. It also advised that you hire a professional valet service instead of going through the ordeal by yourself. It can be done by yourself, though, but it requires a certain amount of knowledge about areas to clean thoroughly and precautions especially in freezing winter temperatures.

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