August 26, 2019

Can a Battery Explode if Jumped Improperly?

Battery plays a vital role in almost every kind of vehicle. Hence, it is important to maintain your car battery in a proper manner. If you want to know whether a battery can explode if jumped improperly, you can look at this guide. The answer to this question is yes. Even spending hours of reading smart battery charger reviews, searching for the top option, won’t be a 100 percent safety solution. It is because improper jumping, even using the best smart battery charger, will lead to severe problems.

It is a well-known fact that the danger of battery explosion is always labelled on the automotive battery. Few car owners fail to give more importance to it and others take it seriously. Batteries do explode often without warning.

overcharging with a trickle charger

Everything about battery explosion

It is vital to know that 31% of injuries happened during the exploit of battery chargers. There are roughly twenty-six percentages are happening from handling the battery cables and nineteen percentages from jump-starting of dead batteries. Sadly, there are more than seven thousand injuries are related to car battery explosion. If you do not stand close to it, you will avoid injury. When it comes to battery acid, it will severely affect the engine compartment. Also, it eats away the hoses and wires and affecting the paint.

Reasons to battery explosion

If you desire to know what causes a car battery to explode, you can follow this passage. The explosion of battery is happened due to various reasons. It includes the formation of hydrogen. It happens when your battery is joined to the charger and your battery gets fully hot.

The hydrogen content can develop inside your battery when electrolyte starts to boil. It is the gas which is released during the boiling process. The battery charger itself is a source of ignition or the pressure developed of hydrogen gas can root the battery box to break.

In the winter season, the electrolyte will revert for water when your battery is fully discharged. This kind of water-electrolyte freeze roots battery box to crack and bulge, but never explode.

damage battery with a trickle charger

How to avoid a battery explosion?

There are lots of battery explosion causes, but jumpstarting will create several problems. Hence, it is advised to avoid jumpstarting your car improperly.  There are lots of maintenance practices also available to avoid these hassles. It is advised to connect the charging cable to any bare metal on your engine rather than battery. This simple technique helps you to avoid an explosion of the car battery.

Even though improper jumping will lead to a battery explosion, special care and maintenance should be often taken with your batteries.

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