February 15, 2019

Why Does The Brake Pedal Goes To Floor?

Vehicles made up of various parts and every part has its own functionality. There are times when a person does not notice minor changes.

The brake systems, however, are the most important part and it cannot be ignored. There are numbers of defects that take place in the brake pedals and need immediate attention of the users. The users do lack the knowledge and tend to keep on driving. The brakes slowly sink and feel spongy and mushy. This is an issue that needs to be tackled at the earliest as the brake pedal goes to the floor and cause serious troubles. The brake system in every vehicle is broadly classified into Disc brakes and Drum brakes.

Don’t Let The Brake Pedal Sink

There are numerous causes because of which the brake pedal goes to the floor and they are usually related to the below common reasons:

  • The Master Cylinder:

In modern vehicles, the seals within the cylinder come across internal leaks and other wear-outs. The brake fluid gets contaminated and the color of the fluid also changes completely. The cylinder needs replacement on the following:

  1. a) Unable to hold brake pressure
  2. b) Sinking and requirement of pumping
  3. c) The warning light of brake does not illuminate
  • Brake Fluid Leak:

The hydraulic fluid in the vehicles is responsible for various functions and the rotor and pedals do depend on the fluid. Any discrepancy in the vehicle’s pressures and temperatures may land in the sinking. The brakes go all the way to the floor and the symptoms are:

  1. a) Lights of the brake remain on
  2. b) There are wet spots around the hose
  3. c) Leaks in the disc brake and drum caliper or cylinder
  4. d) Leakages possible from brake line or other body parts
  • ABS Unit Leak:

The ABS system is a safety feature and is mandatory in all modern vehicles. The system depends on brake fluid for normal operation and they control the sensors and modules. Sinking pedal is possible when the ABS system does not work appropriately.

The vehicles with rear-wheel anti-lock systems definitely come across a sinking pedal feeling. This may be the reason you are feeling brakes are going to the floor.

brakes slowly sink

Visit Auto-Services

The users can identify the problem by basic tools. They can use a flashlight to self-analyze the position of the brake fluid, whether it needs replacement or it is just a leakage. The user needs to check brake lines, hoses, booster and the master cylinder to identify the real problem. There are multiple auto services available that can help customers with identifying the real trouble, and it is advisable for the people to get the vehicle inspected.

When you feel brakes go all the way to the floor, the best way is to visit the nearest service center and get it checked. There are various intricacies that the person cannot understand on their own, and the experts should be consulted. They can diagnose it effectively.

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